Gr1 Pure Titanium Coil

Gr1 Pure Titanium Coil
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Gr1 Pure Titanium Coil

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Gr1 pure titanium coil

Products Information

NameTitanium Coil (sheet / plate)
StandardASTM, ISO, GB/T
GradeCommercially Pure and Alloys
DimensionCold Rolled: THK 0.4~4.0 mm            Hot Rolled: THK 4.0~12 mm
ApplicationChemical Industry, Petroleum Industry, Nuclear Power Industry, Marine Industry, Electrolytic Industry etc.
CertificateISO 9001:2008, MTC or The Third Party 


Stock Information

NameTitanium Coil (sheet / plate)
StandardASTM B265-2010
GradeGrade 1, Grade 2
DimensionTHK 0.5~8.0mm * W 1250mm * L
Quantity230 MT