Titanium Screw Fasteners

Titanium Screw Fasteners
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Titanium Screw Fasteners

We are one of the reliable China titanium screw fasteners manufacturers and suppliers and have a productive titanium screw fasteners factory, you can get products from our company.

Products Information

NameTitanium Screw Fasteners
GradeTitanium Commerically Pure and Alloys
TypeScrew, Bolts, Nut, Washer and other CNC parts.
SurfacePolished, Anodized, Black Oxidized
ColorTi Natural, Golden, Blue, Purple, Green, Red
ApplicationEquipment Accessories, Bicycle, Motor Vehicle, Medical etc.
ISO 9001:2008

Different types of titanium screws for different uses.

Usually the screws are differentiated by two main categories.

Screws Slotted: Slotted screw heads are the most common variety; a linear slot in the head accepts a standard, or flat, screwdriver.

Screws Hex: The head usually has a hexagonal base no grooves or slots and use a wrench to tighte

We produce the following screw types:

  • Slotted cylindrical head

  • Socket conical hex-head

  • Socket cylindrical hex-head

  • Slotted round head cap

  • Recessed cylindrical round hex-head

  • Slotted countersunk flat head

  • Slotted countersunk head cap

  • Slotted wide round head

  • Hex-head screws with washer

  • Twelve point head

  • Slotted cylindrical head self-threading

  • Slotted flat countersunk head self-threading

  • Hexagon socket headless

  • Slotted headless