Titanium Glass Frames

Titanium glass frames

1. Features

Pure titanium frame is characterized by lighter texture, corrosion resistance, hardness is very good, the frame is not easy to deformation, does not cause skin allergies, more durable. Frame lines or rough (titanium plate as a substrate), or some business atmosphere. Compared to the highest durability, the highest price. If the master adjustment technique is good, you can do the maximum comfort.

2. Advantages

Pure titanium, titanium purity is more than 89% of the titanium metal material, high melting point, light material, strong corrosion resistance, electroplating solid. Pure titanium has a special current characteristics, can lead to electronic fluctuations and produce ions, so that the current tends to ionization, and positive and negative ions can quickly adjust the electromagnetic waves caused by the body caused by adverse effects of biological current confusion, the human body has a beneficial physiological role. The shortcomings of the material is soft, can not do more graceful glasses frame, only the lines do relatively thick, in order to ensure the stability and strength of the frame.