Titanium Fair Into The City's Permanent Exhibition Focused On The Display Of Titanium Industry, New Products And New Technologies

Titanium Fair into the city's permanent exhibition focused on the display of titanium industry, new products and new technologies

    April 10, 2017 Baoji International Titanium Expo Organizing Committee held a meeting. Reporter learned from the meeting, from this year onwards, the municipal government will be with the China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association Titanium Zirconium Hafnium Branch held every two years jointly held a titanium industry exposition, while China's non-ferrous metal titanium zirconium and hafnium annual meeting and summit, inviting countries Ministries and commissions, titanium industry academician experts and well-known entrepreneurs, to discuss the development direction and trends of titanium industry, focus on new products, new technologies.

    April 24 to 27, the city will be held in 2017 Baoji China Titanium International Titanium Industry Expo. At present, the preliminary statistics of 129 domestic and foreign enterprises exhibitors, including 10 foreign enterprises, has implemented 117 booths, an area of more than 10,000 square meters, of which special exhibition area accounted for 71% of the exhibition scale in recent years, the domestic titanium industry The largest scale of the show. The Titanium Fair set up the Baoji China Titanium Valley display area, the international product display area, the Northwest Nonferrous Metals Research Institute R & D new display area, university science and technology research and development exhibition area and other four special exhibition area, is the exhibition exhibition content expansion And innovation. At the same time, the meeting will promote Baoji China Titanium Valley key projects 11, a total investment of 23 billion yuan, and negotiate a number of investment projects signed. At present, the preparation of the titanium Expo is actively and orderly progress.

    Municipal Committee, Vice Mayor Wang Lin attended the meeting and speech. Wang Lin pointed out that the current distance from the International Titanium Expo less than half a month, the relevant departments from the strategic and overall height, fully aware of the importance of good titanium Expo, in accordance with established plans and programs to promote the preparatory work in Content and form to do more exploration, improve the level and quality of the meeting. To highlight the focus, do a good job of business invitation, fluttering exhibition, forum preparation and other work, especially in the forum preparatory work aimed at titanium and titanium industry cutting-edge technology, invite scholars to discuss exchanges, and strive to have bright spots, have characteristics, go all out to promote titanium Bo Will work in accordance with the objectives and objectives of the smooth progress. To carefully organize, take into account, strengthen communication and coordination, enhance work efficiency, strengthen the work of supervision, to ensure that the current titanium Expo orderly, smooth and successful.