About Us

  As the core enterprise group at Ti-Valley, Jishan Titanium Industry Group was founded for 20 years, preliminarily cover all titanium industries base on continuous learning and spirit of innovation, and provide all kinds of qualified products and excellent services. We will do our best to satisfy and surpass expectation of customers, and create value and benefit for customers, to drive titanium industrial Development in China.

Branch of Group

Baoji Jinshan Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Jinhan Precious Metals Co., Ltd.

Shaanxi Jinjun Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Jinjun Titanium Industry Co., Ltd.

Baoji Titanium Industry Research Institute

Baoji Yujinxuan Catering and Entertainment Co., Ltd


In 1994, Jinshan Company was founded, main business is apliance products.

In 2002, Jinshan Company invested to build Jinshan Titanium Industry Company, officially involved in titanium industry, main business is titanium and nickel materials.

In 2005, Shenzhen Jinjun Titanium Company was founded, mainly develop and expand market in south of China.

In 2009, Jinshan Titanium Industry Group (HK) was founded. Mainly doing international trade.

In 2009, Jinshan Company invested to build Shaanxi Jinhan Precious Metals Co., Ltd. Which is the only company to produce titanium castings and related products in Baoji. It promote company from materials machining become the technical company which can provide the deep processing and terminal products. Main business is titanium castings, titanium pump and valve, titanium pipe line and pipe fittings and titanium equipment etc.

In 2011, Jinshan Group invested hotel and entertainment. Baoji Yujinxuan Hotel & Entertainment Co., Ltd was founded. It is best choice of Ti - Valley Industry. Main business is meeting, banquet and related.

In 2012, Jinshan Company built Titanium Industry Research Institute with other four partners. Main business is new product developing. New technology research, new machining development. Products teating and related projects.

In 2014, JinshanGroup took over Taiwan Walsin Lihwa Group Xi’an Walsin Metal Products Co., Ltd, and officially built Shaanxi Jinjun Special Steel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. The register capital is RMB 70 Billion. The main business is decoil, straightening, polish, pickling and related. The main product is high temperature alloy materials and corrosion resistance alloy.